One man's path to full-time property investing with Hadar Orkibi

NZ Property Podcast EP 16 - Hadar Orkibi

04-Jun-2014 Mark Honeybone | Property Ventures

NZ Property Podcast EP 16 - Hadar Orkibi

No excuses - One man's path to full-time property investing with Hadar Orkibi

Do you dream about living off your property income, or carving yourself out a full-time career in the world of investments?

In this episode we welcomeback Hadar Orkibi from and we speak about the challenges he overcame to go from a beginner investor to full-time property traderwith a successful buy & hold portfolio in just a few short years. The full interview is close to 90 minutes long so we've split the show into two parts,in this the first half we go right back to the start when Hadar was a new immigrant to New Zealand with just the dream of property investmnet on the horizon.. . .
  1. How Hadar taught himself how to invest while working in the vineyards in Central Otago.
  2. The power of networking with other investors - even before you have invested anything yourself.
  3. The first properties Hadar bought and his first mistake.
  4. How he leveraged the knowledge gained to undo that mistake and come back stronger.
  5. Why the REAA rule changes helped free him up to grow his business.
  6. And much more . . .
Part 2 will be next week, enjoy the show! Hadar's online home is at the more popular New Zealand property sites out there. Let us know what you thought of the show and/or request guests on future episodes by emailing us directly.

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