What's Going On with the OCR? - John Bolton

NZ Property Podcast EP 11 - John Bolton

16-Apr-2014 Mark Honeybone | Property Ventures

NZ Property Podcast EP 11 - John Bolton

What is going on with the OCR and what does it mean - with John Bolton

This week we dive into the world of mortgages with John Bolton (or "JB"), the founder of Squirrel Mortgages.

John, a very successful investor in his own right, founded Squirrel in 2008, just as the banking industry descending into chaos. But partly in thanks tohis strong background in finance the firm came through that event and has been growing strongly ever since. Straight away we dive into property's hot topic- the OCR increases and what it means for your mortgages. The answer will probably surprise (and relieve) a lot of listeners. For new investors we thentalk a bit about what a mortgage broker can offer them and why banks have different lending ratios on different types of properties. John knows his stuff and this is a great interview. Part two will be published next Saturday so stay tuned for that. Enjoy the show. John can be found at Squirrel Mortgages.


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