New Zealand Property Podcast Episode 110: Webinar With Kieran Jones

NZ Property Podcast EP 110 - Kieran Jones

03-Jul-2020 Mark Honeybone | Property Ventures

NZ Property Podcast EP 110 - Kieran Jones

Join Kieran Jones asking the questions to Mark Honeybone about the Auckland market and why now is the time to consider buying property or investing in off the plan Pre-construction Property.

There are many myths about buying off the plans, some are true and some are nonsense. Hear it from Mark who lost almost his life savings in this type of investing and now thats all he is doing.

His reasoning on the whys and what to look out for are crucial for anyone considering buying off the plans, or those that are unsure but would like to.

Mark will discuss some ways on how you can still buy discount and discuss some other ideas that can help educate you on your decisions.

And a reason to watch this webinar?

There will be a couple specials for the night where the developer has slashed the prices just for this night.

Why wouldn't you watch this.

Take an hour out, listen to the man doing it, ask your questions, and get your pen ready to sign for some discount.

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