Mark talks to Gary Lin about his Property Portfolio

NZ Property Podcast EP 54 - Gary Lin

23-Mar-2016 Mark Honeybone | Property Ventures

NZ Property Podcast EP 54 - Gary Lin

Mark talks to Gary Lin about his Property Portfolio and how he's become so successful in the Auckland Property Market

Gary Lin has been in the press and NZ Herald regarding his property investments and property portfolio. He has brought 11 properties in the last 5 years in a hot Auckland market. His portfolio is now worth 6.8 million and he’s done this through reading books, seminars and learning from his mistakes.

Exposed to property at an early age he educated himself on properties, yields, expenses, capital gains and the business of building a property portfolio together with his wife.

He looks at cashflow positive; low equity; buy on discount and do them up and then charge market rent. He believes in the buy and hold strategy which will get you ahead within the property market. Looking back Gary is grateful from learning from his what he calls ‘failures'.

Gary talks about:

  • The capital gains investor, investing in good area’s in Auckland – leafy suburbs.
  • What’s added equity
  • 1 – 2 bedroom conversions.
  • Future predictions

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