Mark and Aaron Davis interview Nicola Valentine of Property Plot

NZ Property Podcast EP 49 - Aaron Davis & Nicola Valentine

10-Nov-2015 Mark Honeybone | Property Ventures

NZ Property Podcast EP 49 - Aaron Davis & Nicola Valentine

Mark and Aaron Davis interview Nicola Valentine, young Christchurch investor and entrepreneur of Property Plot

Nicola Bought her first property at 18, since then she has renovated and developed 15 properties both here in NZ and in Perth, In Perth she learnt some important lessons which helped her realise that doing your calculations, knowing the area your purchasing in and sticking to your strategy are all key in running a successful portfolio. 
Nicola now has 9 properties in Christchurch, and lends some important tips on how she is turning this into a business. Nicola hunts for properties by looking at over 200 houses on trade me and does her quick calculations to see if the figures fit, she presses the importance of research to get that right property, and looks for cash flow positive returns in suburbs with fantastic growth, and aims to purchase properties you can add value to. 
What you will learn from Nicola:
The importance of knowing your strategy, market and always doing your numbers-having a strategy and sticking to it. Nicola looks for long term buy and holds, and won't settle for anything under a 9% gross-do your analysis. You can't jump the gun just take it step by step.
Listen to Nicola Valentine, a young investor and Entrepreneur making waves in the property market and building a successful portfolio. Remember to check out

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