Depreciation, "Tainting", & Structures with Tony Thorne

NZ Property Podcast EP 03 - Tony Thorne

12-Feb-2014 Mark Honeybone | Property Ventures

NZ Property Podcast EP 03 - Tony Thorne

Depreciation, "tainting" & structures with Tony Thorne

In this episode we speak with Tony Thorne, the founder of Thorne Acocunting

Tony runs a business that is focussed on rental property owners and is able to get straight to the point in answering our questions about:
  1. How to choose an accountant
  2. What "tainting" means for renovaters and traders
  3. How depreciation on chattels works
  4. What kind of structures are best for people at various stages of their property investment career.
Rental properties is what Tony does and his answers on topics where there is still a lot of confusion were very helpful. As an added bonus we've attacheda Chattels Depreciation Guide from Tony. Enjoythe show!


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