Building Inspections with Morgan Kircher from Inspect House NZ

NZ Property Podcast EP 55 - Aaron Davis & Morgan Kircher

07-Apr-2016 Mark Honeybone | Property Ventures

NZ Property Podcast EP 55 - Aaron Davis & Morgan Kircher

Mark and Co-host Aaron talk to Morgan Kircher from Inspect House NZ about the importance of a Building Inspection

Mark and Aaron discuss with Morgan what are the important things to look for when purchasing a property, and the value of having an inspector check itfor you.

Also during the interview they discuss the following:

* Main reason to get inspector, leaky buildings and meth testing.

* Monolithic clad buildings

* What is a big ticket item compared to minor issues

* Best properties – brick and tile; timber and weatherboard houses.

* Moisture Testing

* Asking the right questions when hiring a building Inspector

* Meth Testing 

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