Success Stories

Success Stories
04-Aug-2015 Property Ventures

Property investment can be an excellent vehicle for creating wealth, but often it can be difficult to find the time needed to source properties that will fit in with an investor’s goals. It can be equally difficult to sell properties in a timely fashion for a good price. However, with the right team behind you, what seemed difficult can become surprisingly easy.

The team at Property Ventures are getting some great sale prices for our sellers, but at the same time we are seeing some amazing deals in the marketplace, such as this recent one in Te Atatu.

People are saying that in the current boom market it is impossible to find good deals. We beg to differ. We recently heard about a 2 bedroom house on a 860sqm in Te Atatu that sold for $450k ($450k GV), which was well under market value. The seller was in a panic about the share market crash in China, thinking it would negatively impact on Auckland property prices, and he wanted to sell fast. At that price he certainly achieved a fast sale, and the buyers were amazed at the bargain they got. The seller was not thinking rationally, in my opinion, and when I talked to Matthew Gilligan at GRA about this, he agreed. From his perspective, the China share market crash will likely have little or no impact on the New Zealand property market, for reasons he explains in a recent post on Facebook.

If you know where to look and have your finger on the pulse of the local market, it is possible to find deals like this that fit in with your investing goals. However, it takes time and knowledge to be able to spot the great deals, and this is something many people are short of. It’s just as important to know how to get market value for your property when the time comes to sell, so you don’t end up being unnecessarily short-changed. At Property Ventures we help our clients with both buying and selling right – have a read of the case studies that follow for a couple of recent examples.

Seller - Phil

Phil is a client who wanted to sell two properties fast, but for premium prices. We sold them within a week, for morethanhis target sale price. 

With the first property we had a multi-offer situation and achieved 5% over what Phil wanted. 

The second property sold for $42,000 more than he was expecting, again a multi-offer situation with nine buyers presenting offers.

Phil told us he couldn’t believe how easy it was, and the sale has freed him up to move towards his next property investment milestones.

 Buyers - Narisa and Jason

This is an exciting story. Narisa and Jason came to us because they are busy professionals in the process of building an investment property portfolio. 

Because they are time poor, they decided to take advantage of our one-on-one buyers’ agency service. 

Look at what we found them:

This property has helped them create cash flow as well as capital growth, and they said it is one of the best buys they have had.

Along with two other properties we sourced for them, Narisa and Jason are well on their way to achieving their investment goals. 

Narisa sent us these comments..

“Mark and his team have great knowledge in locations where we have none, so it is a huge time and money saver for us to use them. And most importantly, they are trustworthy, so much so that 2 of the properties we purchased from them before even viewing!”   Listen to their story in the popular NZ Property Podcast series.

At Property Ventures we get a buzz out of helping clients like Narisa, Jason and Phil achieve such positive outcomes. We help people buy and sell property throughout New Zealand, and have licensed salespeople working in Auckland, Tauranga, Hamilton and Wellington. 

If you list with us we give you exposure to the same market as other real estate agencies, as well as access to tens of thousands of investors. Get in touch with us to see how we can help you.