Positive Feedback From Property Ventures Clients

Positive Feedback From Property Ventures Clients
26-Mar-2017 Mark Honeybone

As a business owner, it’s nice to get positive comments. It’s also okay to get negative comments because, if you take it the right way, your business and future customers can benefit. So it was nice for the team last week to receive the below from a client Property Ventures had persevered with, as it was not an easy situation. They didn't have a lot of money and they are just starting out on their investment journey. The team knew that, and they knew it was so very important for them to get the right property. It explains a lot of what Property Ventures Real Estate try and do on a daily basis. 

Here’s the thank you letter:

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank both you (Mark the Director and Owner of PVRE) and Slade (the local Real Estate Salesperson) for the hard work you put in to make this deal happen for me. Slade has been simply great and it has been a pleasure working with him over the last five months. It was unfortunate that Pembroke Street did not work out, but it was a good learning experience and the professionalism and commitment demonstrated by Slade in all his dealings with me has been exceptional. I would also like to commend the great work you and your team are doing to bring great deals across to investors and utilising and sharing your knowledge with investors. I sincerely hope Property Ventures and the team continue to grow and expand and keep achieving great outcomes for investors.

I will certainly be using the Property Ventures team again hopefully pretty soon to keep growing my property portfolio.”

A letter like this demonstrates Property Ventures’ caring attitude (helping customers for the right reason) and shows the professional role we have taken up in the property market. On one hand, we will do the best we can for the vendor of a property (sometimes it’s the top price, sometimes it’s a quick sale), but if someone comes with a strong desire and they are serious about purchasing a particular type of property, Property Ventures use that side of the business to help them.

Property Ventures Real Estate are a little different to the norm. Yes, we are a Real Estate Agency under the REAA 2008. We aren’t Financial Advisers and never take on that role as we can’t legally do that. We will suggest numerous professionals but don't tell someone who to go to. In our business we are all experienced investors, buyers, and sellers. We understand tenants and bring many various experiences with us, and we will share those to help others if they ask. Buyers and sellers need to make their own decisions, but we will explain things as they are (no bull) and hopefully that will help them to make the right decision.

So if you want to sell a property or buy a property, contact Property Ventures at www.propertyventures.co.nz . If you simply want some free education on property, take a listen to the NZ Property Podcast/You Tube where Mark interviews property experts.